Why is Software so hard to build?

There is an interesting read on  how a guy gave up software development due to the fact that its so hard. Read it below to understand the context.

Why is Software so hard to build?

I don’t necessarily feel the same way. Software is part creativity and part repetition.  Some part of it can be automated while the other part of it can not be, just like writing a poem can’t be automated, however once its written, you can make a billion copies of it without much effort, how much of it you can do in construction business?

Also in software once you build something, you can make sure it doesn’t break through automated tests, which is quick, with buildings you don’t have this privilege. You can also change your software extremely fast, can you do that with your room once you built it the wrong way or painted it the wrong way?

Software development has evolved in 20 years more than what construction did maybe in over 200. It wil get more and more automated, but there always will be the element of hand made creativity about it. Thats the part which i actually like better.

Software engineers do learn from mistakes, to not make the same mistakes, if you do it right. If you actually are making the same mistakes, then you are an idiot according to Einstein.

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