Should you rotate the Scrum Master Role?

I have heard a couple of point of views on this topic. Some think the role of scrum master needs to be consistently with one person and one person only. This is much like the role of a Project Manager in the non-scrum based models.

Others tend to think, that since Scrum master is just a facilitator , the role should be rotated among the team members, so more people get to be the “servant leader” of the team.  Continue reading

How much do you know Scrum Theory? Find out with Scrum Self Assessment Quiz.

i have recently designed a quiz with an intention to asses the scrum knowledge of the development team members and scrum masters. This can be a good gauge of if you know your scrum-fu in enough detail. Remember that it is critical to have a thorough scrum theory knowledge to be able to implement scrum in it’s full form and function. Any partial implementation of scrum is NOT scrum.

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