Unskilled and Unaware of It – The Dunning Kruger Effect

I came across a very interesting phenomenon today. Something i have known and observed for a very long time. I often wondered that in our business (Technology) people who generally rate themselves high, are in general not that competent. For example,  i have had bosses in a software company , who were MBAs, who always thought they bring more value to the company as compared to those people who actually build stuff they are selling.

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Asynchronous Non-Blocking Backends – Node.js is cool

I am beginning to have a liking for the new stuff everyone is buzzing about. The server side V8 based javascript framework called Node.js.

In the start when i heard about it at a hacker’s get together, i thought its another one of those, cool buzz words framework which makes you cool and hip if you use it.  However after playing around with it for a bit, it seems pretty nice.

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