Comparitive analysis of available version control systems

We had a decision to make about which version control system to switch to. We were using CVS and were not happy with it (the project grew too big for CVS to keep us sain). So we decided to do a quick analysis of what options do we have. We looked at Mercurial, Git, SVN and Bazaar. We were using Eclipse for Java development along with Cruise Control for Continuous Integration and JIRA for bug tracking  so compatibility with those tools was a big consideration also.

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Java or C++ ?

i believe in honesty, not advocacy, and the honest answer is that there is no single answer. What is the organization’s policy regarding languages? Must there be one and only one official language? What is the skill level of the staff?

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O Notations

O -notation is the most common notation used to express an algorithm’s performance in a formal manner. Formally, O -notation expresses the upper bound of a function within a constant factor. Specifically, if g (n) is an upper bound of f (n), then for some constant c it is possible to find a value of n, call it n 0, for which any value of n ≥ n 0 will result in f (n) ≤ cg (n). Continue reading